FriXion Family

FriXion Ball by Pilot - For rebels - FriXion Ball Clicker by Pilot - Mr Perfect need not apply... ...we all make mistakes. Use a FriXion Clicker to make yours disappear! FriXion Point by Pilot - For those obsessed with precision - Because finesse and perfecbon are not enough. FriXion Ball LX by Pilot - Welcome to the FriXion Club. FriXion Colors by Pilot - Change the end of the story. FriXion Light by Pilot - For the focused minds - Not everything’s that important. In your textbook and print-­outs, only the essenbal deserves to stay highlighted. Change your mind and colours as much as you wish…Enjoy the softness and the right to make mistakes! Refill - For the ecolonomy-conscious - Save money, generate less waste.

FriXion Point is ideal for :

  • Designing detailed plans and sketches
  • Drawing geometric shapes
  • Fine and meticulous writing

Precise writing as you’ve never known it is at your fingertips! Never cross out again!

  • Do not use on official documents.
  • The revolutionary thermo-sensitive ink:
  • Write
  • FriXion it! with the “eraser” on the end of the pen
  • Rewrite immediately
  • You can make as many changes as you want!
0.5 mm fine-tipped writing. High resistance tungsten cardbide ball. Ergonomic grip for perfect writing comfort.